Couple Phone Sex Better Than Therapy

Couple Phone Sex Therapy 


Many couples have some desires about their phone sex and they read some reviews of reliable platforms specialized in phone sex therapy. They focus on and use remarkable facilities entirely related to the phone sex with an objective to take pleasure in their sex life. They use every chance to enjoy phone sex and reap benefits from the proper use of phone sex therapy. They get rid of every obstacle related to the enjoyable couple sex and make certain about the easiest way to spice up the couple phone sex in different aspects.  


An outstanding phone sex therapy 


Sex therapists worldwide provide the customized yet competitive prices of therapy services associated with the phone sex specially designed and mostly recommended for couples adult chat in the United Kingdom. You can seek advice from experts in the couple phone sex therapy soon after you have understood your requirements for improving the long-distance relationship. You will be happy about a stress-free way to throw out obstacles on the path to spice up sex life. As compared to focusing on usual methods to enhance the phone sex, you can contact and join in the reputable platform on online suggested for couple phone sex. You will get 100% satisfaction and ensure about a notable enhancement in the phone sex. 

Couple therapists and sex therapists consider the overall requirements of couples and adults with an expectation to spice up sex life. They are very conscious about the overall quality of the therapy and confident about the best result to all clients who follow their suggestions for improving the sex life. Once you have decided to maximize the sexual satisfaction with your partner regardless of the location and time, you can contact the couple phone sex therapists online. You will get prompt assistance and reap benefits from the proper use of phone sex therapy.  


Use facilities for phone sex  


Outstanding facilities related to the phone sex catch the attention of everyone who has decided to make positive changes in the routine sexual fun. You can consider some important things and follow suggestions from experts on phone sex. You will get loads of benefits from the customized phone sex therapy and be encouraged to spice up the sex life from the comfort of your place. You will be eager to enhance the phone sex and follow suggestions from specialists in the couple phone sex therapy.  


Specialists in the couple phone sex use smart techniques and make a good decision to enjoy the phone sex. The complete details about the couple phone sex therapy give the maximum convenience to every person who likes to take pleasure in the phone sex. You can concentrate on phone sex and make some essential changes in phone sex. There is no requirement for compromising the budget and expectations about the couple phone sex. This is because you get a list of options related to the couple phone sex and narrow down such options according to your requirements. 

The Style of the Phone Sex Online In The UK

The Style of the Phone Sex Online

Even in a world where online phone sex in the UK and dating has become the norm, no matter what type of meeting you plan, it will always require physical effort. We all have sexual needs, and sometimes we would simply like to meet those needs with human relationships that do not require the effort of physically meeting the person. This is where sex texts ( written ) or sex by phone ( vocal ) comes in.

It is also useful for maintaining the flame wherever you are or practicing sex with your partner even if he is traveling.

So today we will see how to turn a simple phone call with your man into an erotic experience that will make you ask again both.

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What is sex over the phone?

Phone sex is the art of exciting your partner using only your voice. Sexually suggestive remarks, asking your man what he likes in bed and telling him about your sexual fantasies are all things that can spice up your sex life and leave you wanting each other.

Phone sex is more effective when it’s spontaneous and unplanned, when you’re both in a relaxed, playful mood and when you’re sure you’re not interrupted.

Patience is important when you have sex over the phone. Just as you would not rush into the preliminaries before making love, you will need to take the time to tease each other using just words and your voices to create a sexy and intimate atmosphere.

One of the best things about practicing sex over the phone is that you are free to let your imagination run wild. Do not be afraid to let your man get into your hottest sexual thoughts and maybe even create a sexy character who is not necessarily you. Since sex on the phone involves a lot of teasing and helps to develop sexual arousal between two people, your conversation will probably lead to intense and passionate sex a little later.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to making love over the phone

1 / Create the atmosphere

Phone sex is more enjoyable when you feel comfortable and relaxed. Turn down the lights, sit comfortably on your couch or bed, turn off the TV and make sure the room is as quiet as possible. Try not to listen to music at the same time as it may stifle the sound of your voice. For some, lighting a candle is essential to practice Phone Sex Online. Other women cannot envision it without their stuffed pajamas that they love. It’s up to you to discover what makes you comfortable.

2 / You have the right to write a text

A few hours before calling your man, be sure to send him a sexy SMS or a selfie. Your goal is to get his attention and to get excited about talking to you. You can say something like, “I wish you were here to touch me /kiss/lick somewhere in my body” or to tell him that you thought of him when you saw something. You can also leave him a sexy voice message.

3 / Concentrate on your partner

The fewer distractions you have, the better you can focus on the conversation. Turn off notifications on your smartphone, and take no other calls while talking to your man.

Keep control of the conversation. Stay in your initial state of mind. Keep your attention on your man all the time: do not be tempted to talk about work, children or other people.

4 / Speak softly

Using your normal voice is likely to kill the sexy climate you have established. If you want to keep things as sensual as possible, it’s best to lower your voice and whisper (while making sure you’re still audible). However, the vocabulary you use must be explicit and direct. In normal life, you would not necessarily use words like “clitoris” with him, yet by phone, these words have a totally different power. Telephone sex only has the words to make its effect: so you have to use them even if you are not used to it.

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Butt Plug Fun

Butt Plugs For Everyone

The butt plug is the essential sex toy for anal pleasure, preferable to a dildo for this purpose because with the butt plug’s flared base, the butt plug doesn’t have the potential for getting trapped in the rectum that the traditional dildo does. The typical butt plug from is shaped somewhat like an inverted top, a fine design for an anal sex toy. The bulge in the middle of the butt plug comes in contact with the nerve clusters within the rectum and the tip of the butt plug rubs against the prostate, both factors combining to allow the butt plug’s user to experience an anal orgasm with the butt plug alone.

Butt plugs are fabricated from a host of different materials, latex being the most common. Silicone butt plugs are a good choice for a butt plug neophyte as the material makes the butt plug particularly easy to clean and disinfect. Butt plugs come in a variety of styles, and butt plugs with shapes that deviate from the standard top design are plentiful, allowing more experienced butt plug users to explore different kinds of anal sensation. For the adventurous butt plug user with a few extra dollars to spend, there are anal plugs that vibrate, ejaculate, and have animal hair attached to the base, so if you suddenly get the urge for some human pony play, there’s a butt plug on the market with your name on it.

Butt plugs should always be used in conjunction with a copious application of a water-based lubricant, such as K-Y jelly. The rectum doesn’t produce any lubrication on its own, and you want the butt plug’s insertion to be gentle and painless.

Begin your butt plug explorations with a slimmer model – you don’t have to feel compelled to use the Anal Intruder Mark VII butt plug your first time out. Once you’ve got the butt plug in place, your sphincter muscles will contract around the base of the butt plug, helping to keep the butt plug in position. For your first couple of butt plug experiences, simply leave the butt plug in place for a few minutes at a time to get accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration. From there, move on to masturbation with the butt plug in place and make mental notes of what actions enhance your stimulation. If you own a vibrating butt plug, experiment with the speed and intensity of the vibration to see what your p-spot responds to most favorably. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on leaving the butt plug in place for more than an hour, you should remove the butt plug hourly and apply more lube to the butt plug before re-insertion. This will help prevent tears in the rectal tissue from a dried out butt plug.

Butt plugs are great toys to use to get loosened up for anal sex or for solo masturbatory butt plug fun. Used safely, with due caution and plenty of lube, butt plugs can enhance or even trigger anal orgasms, and there’s a rich variety of butt plugs available for users from the neophyte to the connoisseur. Have fun.

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Phone Sex Story Catholic Students Australia

Phone Sex Story From Australia

I’ve been thinking about last nights sexy phone conversation ALL DAY LONG! Damn! I’ll tell you right now that I can’t wait to see you! To feel you! I know I’ve said it over and over and over again but our phone sex is getting boring I need to see you in person. Call phone sex Australia

It’s just that everything you said to me got me so HOT! The soft, breathy words, sounds, and moans…

I’m WET just thinking about you.

I was totally giddy after I got off the phone with you. Tell me again exactly how you’re going to eat my HOT, WET softness. A call to you is sexy errotic and i put my mobile phone between my pussy when we talk and let it vibrate.

Tease me. Make me squirm with anticipation.

I’ll be SO WET like I am right now. Wanting YOU! The thought of your hard length, slipping DEEP into my wet softness makes me so HOT. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to take care of YOU. I’m going to have you stand in front of me, fully clothed. We kiss, passionately. It’s not easy to stop kissing you but I want to suck your length. I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I kiss your neck and suck on it a little. Not enough to leave a mark, just enough to let you know what you’re in for. I kiss your soft lips again while I unbutton the top few buttons of your shirt. The long romantic txts and calls make me hot….you have given me a new joy for my telephone and made my apple rock.

Phone sex with meaning

A few more buttons now, I kiss and toy your neck again. Now I’m kissing your chest and sucking on your nipples.

You moan. I think you like it. I kiss lower now. I undo the last few buttons of your shirt and kiss your stomach. Lick your belly button. I’m toying the edge of the waistband of your shorts. You’re still standing up so I slowly slip my hand up the back of your leg, up your shorts and grab your bare soft place. It’s time to get busy. I SO want your length in my mouth. Mmmmm I unbutton, unzip and let your shorts fall slowly to the floor. I want you to completely enjoy this so I let you lie down on the bed with a big pillow under your head so you can comfortably watch while I hold your length gently in my hands. I toy your head so it shines with slippery wetness.

I tease you a bit by lightly toying here and kissing there, sucking here and tasting there. You are SO hard now. I grip the base of your length with one hand and cup your smooth sack with the other while I take your length in my HOT mouth. When we speak on a call it is like lightining to my ears.

Just a little at first. You moan with pleasure. I slurp on you getting your length totally wet. I grip a little harder now. You LOVE it. Now I’m ready to take you down my throat.

Mmmmm slowly I bob on your length, a little at a time until I’ve worked you all the way down my throat. all the while slowly moving my tongue along the underside. I continue SLOWLY bobbing up and down, stopping momentarily to give your head a good suck! I am so WET now, so ready to sit on your throbbing length, but I love the way that YOU love what I’m doing to you. I’m almost in a frenzy now, sucking, slurping, toying, kissing you. You don’t want to cum yet so you stop me. You pull me to you and hold my face in your hands. You kiss me with such passion I think I’m going to cum right now. You stop kissing me and undress me. Kissing every newly exposed area of my body. I’m already quivering with desire. You concentrate on my nipples, toying, sucking gently biting one then the other. It’s almost too much to handle. You kiss and toy your way down my stomach to my simple white panties.

You tell me how sexy I am as I feel your HOT breath on my softness through the thin material of my panties. I try to spread my legs but you won’t let me. You want to tease me some more. I can’t stand it. I grab you by the hair and pull your face to my softness. I ask, Please? You smile and take a quick toy on the outside of my panties before you tear them off. Your mouth waters as you come closer to me. My legs are spread wide, waiting for you to taste me.

You ask me if I want you. I laugh and tell you to GET BUSY! My softness is so wet it glistens. The first touch of your fat, wet tongue takes my breath away.

I literally have to concentrate on my breathing to make sure that I am in fact breathing. Your mouth feels so incredible. I’m going to cum right now!!!!!!!!!!! I have an insane orgasm almost immediately.

You just keep on toying. You tell me how tasty I am and I tell you, Well, come up here and let me see for myself!.

You kiss me and I can taste myself on your tongue. You are right! I do taste good. To Be Continued if you’re interested in the Main Course

Telephone Sex on a boat

Telephone Sex On A Boat

There were three of us, the skipper…

a late thirty-year-old guy named Fred and his 29 yr old girlfriend Laura. I boarded the boat and we took off for the fishing grounds… where we would anchor for the night. We arrived around noon, anchored and went to work on deck in the sun preparing for the next day. While Laura and I were in the stern tying our gear, Fred came out with a glass of wine for each of us. It was a beautiful day, a little wine in the sun , things were going very well, I liked them both, Laura especially was being very friendly. We drank our wine chatted and worked.

Laura turned on the hose to do some scrubbing, She got to work being sloppy, having fun with it . She turned the hose on me at one point coaxing me to play with her, she splashed me I got her back , we were both soaked, and laughing.Fred stuck his head out the cabbin door and gave us a get to work look.Laura and I looked at each other and laughed. I shed my wet t-shirt, feeling more confident after the wine, to be left with a bikini top .

Laura stopped abruptly, taking an eyeful , then smiled.

I noticed this look and immediately felt aquard….but not altogether bad.The wine was having a relaxing effect and our location added to this.We carried on , Fred having finished his work inside came out and topped up our glasses coffee mugs of vino….

We were all getting along great, this was going to be an enjoyable trip….

After a short time, Laura once more gives me a shot with the hose again, this time stepping towards me too . She lost her footing, falling against me pushing me in turn against the side. She pressed against me laughing at herself, but lingering, not pulling back right away, then I felt a het hand run up the inside of my thigh to my softness.She did this so , quickly and so well staged I doubted Fred knew what had just happened.

My softness was very reactive instantly swelling with desire, but that was it . We completed our tasks, had some dinner and played a bit of cards.We had more wine , but there were no more instances with Laura, although she remained completely friendly.I began to think maybe it was a mishap that had happened. We prepared for bed, sleeping arrangements were Laura and I in the bunks up front, while Fred slept up on the floor of the cabin so he could keep an eye on things. With the wine and the sun, I was ready for sleep but my mind kept traveling back to Laura’s touch earlier in the softness was reacting to this, I was getting wet thinking about it , this surprised me because I never have been with a woman or thought myself capable.I had to put my hand on my puss and massage my personal place, without alerting anyone to what I was doing. With my eyes shut and my fingers busy, I did not see Laura sitting up watching me.I was shocked back from extasy with the touch of another hand on my crooked leg. I stiffened and held perfectly still, faking sleep. The hand I felt on my thigh started to massage and travel up my leg.I did not need to open my eyes to know whos delicate touch this was.I remained motionless while this hand edged up towards my wet , and getting wetter, softness. Laura placed her hand on my softness mound cupping me, slowly rubbing. Then she extended a finger, penetrating my softness. I heard her sigh in response to the wetness of my puss. She ran her finger up and down rubbing over my personal place then back down to my warmth, after a few strokes she started pushing her finger up into my softness, deeper and deeper every time . I was no longer stationary, I rotated my hips playing against her hand. My eyes still shut, I felt her climb over from her bunk to mine.

she came from below my blankets up between my legs.

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Nullam nec ipsum gravida

Sex With A Captain

As she settled I felt her breath on my sensitive private part her finger was in me again, then two.

Then like an electric shock, I felt her tongue reach out and flick my personal place, then her lips closed around it and gently sucked, her fingers still slowly pumping in and out. I was in exctasy , this felt absolutely great.

She obviously knew what she was doing. Then she started trailing my juices down from my softness to my soft place.

I had never had any anal sex and was nervous by this, but I didn’t stop her.

She played her finger around my puckered soft place while sucking my personal place, the effects were unbelievable. Then I felt her finger penetrate and very gentle start playing my soft place. By this time my hips were bucking against her face, her tongue held rigidly was playing up my private part wile her fingers worked my sensitive place.I never even thought of Fred through all this till I heard him moan to my left.For the first time through all this I opened my eyes and there he was watching us , stroking his length. He came closer with his hard rod placed right at my face . I grabbed his length bringing it to my mouth and started sucking him off. We went on for a while like this then Fred pulled away, Laura sat up from her working my puss.

They looked at each other and smiled. For the first time, I started to think this had been planned.

Fred grabbed my hips and turned me so my soft place was hanging over the edge of the bunk. He put my legs up his chest and worked his length into my softness. Then Laura placed her knee over my face and settled herself down to play with my personal place and watch Freds length.I hesitated only a minute before diving into her softness, copying everything she had done to me , I was surprised at how naturally it came to me.

With Fred playing my warmth and Laura tounging my personal place, I was closing in on a good cum then Laura reached around and inserted her finger into my soft place again and that was all I could bare .my cum was so powerful , it caused me to frenzy on Lauras private part and we all came together , the most satisfying cum Id had in a while . Without a word we all went back to our own bags, had a great next day of fishing and celebrated the same that night too…