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Sex With A Captain

As she settled I felt her breath on my sensitive private part her finger was in me again, then two.

Then like an electric shock, I felt her tongue reach out and flick my personal place, then her lips closed around it and gently sucked, her fingers still slowly pumping in and out. I was in exctasy , this felt absolutely great.

She obviously knew what she was doing. Then she started trailing my juices down from my softness to my soft place.

I had never had any anal sex and was nervous by this, but I didn’t stop her.

She played her finger around my puckered soft place while sucking my personal place, the effects were unbelievable. Then I felt her finger penetrate and very gentle start playing my soft place. By this time my hips were bucking against her face, her tongue held rigidly was playing up my private part wile her fingers worked my sensitive place.I never even thought of Fred through all this till I heard him moan to my left.For the first time through all this I opened my eyes and there he was watching us , stroking his length. He came closer with his hard rod placed right at my face . I grabbed his length bringing it to my mouth and started sucking him off. We went on for a while like this then Fred pulled away, Laura sat up from her working my puss.

They looked at each other and smiled. For the first time, I started to think this had been planned.

Fred grabbed my hips and turned me so my soft place was hanging over the edge of the bunk. He put my legs up his chest and worked his length into my softness. Then Laura placed her knee over my face and settled herself down to play with my personal place and watch Freds length.I hesitated only a minute before diving into her softness, copying everything she had done to me , I was surprised at how naturally it came to me.

With Fred playing my warmth and Laura tounging my personal place, I was closing in on a good cum then Laura reached around and inserted her finger into my soft place again and that was all I could bare .my cum was so powerful , it caused me to frenzy on Lauras private part and we all came together , the most satisfying cum Id had in a while . Without a word we all went back to our own bags, had a great next day of fishing and celebrated the same that night too…

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